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Mon Valley Habitat for Humanity

Other Ways To Give

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Your Voice, Your Time, Your Financial Contributions

Mon Valley Habitat for Humanity depends on the generosity of donors and volunteers to help reach the vision of a world where everyone has a safe, decent place to live. Find out the easy ways you can partner with Habitat for Humanity to achieve real results in our community.

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Carpenters Club

Pledge to make a donation every time Mon Valley Habitat for Humanity completes a new home. Invest in the community without breaking your budget! As a Carpenter Club member, this is an easy way you can be an integral, ongoing supporter of Habitat for Humanity’s mission. Sign up for Carpenter Club here.

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In-Kind Donations

Offering in-kind donations are greatly appreciated to reduce the financial burdens for Mon Valley Habitat. By donating your professional services, material goods, etc., you are actively being involved with building a stronger, more stable community.
Contact us if you or your organization are interested in supporting community growth.

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Start Your Own Fundraiser

Want to support Habitat’s mission and have fun doing it? Start an online fundraiser or fundraising team! We’ve created the starting toolkit already. All you need to do is sign up and get started.
Click here to start raising funds

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Workplace Giving

Ask your organization how you can sign up to donate to Mon Valley Habitat through your payroll – no amount is too small. Coordinate a small-scale fundraiser. For example, have a “Pay To Dress Down Day” and donate the proceeds.

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Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile is the same Amazon you know – same products, prices and service! Amazon Smile will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible Amazon Smile purchases to Mon Valley Habitat for Humanity when you shop on
Bookmark AmazonSmile for future shopping and choose to support Mon Valley Habitat for Humanity.

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Kroger Community Rewards

Log into your Kroger account online. Go to your account and click on Kroger Community Rewards. Search for Mon Valley Habitat for Humanity Inc. either by name or EC875 and then click Enroll. New users will need to create an account which requires some basic information, a valid email address and a rewards card. Customers must have a registered Kroger rewards card account to link to our organization. If you do not yet have a Kroger rewards card, they are available at the customer service desk at any Kroger.

Participants must swipe their registered Kroger rewards card or use the phone number that is related to their registered Kroger rewards card when shopping for each purchase to count.

Enroll in Kroger Community Rewards today!